Transcriptionist jobs available – work remotely

Allegis specializes in transcription for the insurance and legal industries. Our work-from-home transcriptionists transcribe recorded audio files for some of the largest providers in the country. This means a sizable and steady workflow that satisfies transcription contracts of many types and sizes.

Why transcribe for Allegis?

If you’re looking for ongoing freelance transcription jobs and a great engaged team to be a part of, Allegis could be for you.

As an independent contractor transcriptionist for Allegis, you decide how much you work and work on your schedule. In addition to a robust Community Network, our responsive support team is focused on your success — and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Sound like a good fit? Apply today! We have many work-from-home transcription contracts available right now.

What is needed for transcription work with Allegis?

Independent contractors work from US-based locations of their choosing, utilizing their own computer system and high-speed internet connection.

Our transcriptionists work remotely as independent contractors providing high-quality legal and insurance transcription. Contract work is available for a wide range of experience types including options to begin transcription work for the first time.

Working with Us

We offer fair market per-page pay rates as well as access to an abundance of work with the expectation of significant growth for the foreseeable future. We also offer:

• A quality development program to introduce standards and processes

• A transcription community network with discussion forum and resource library

• A transparent QA feedback program

• An accessible support team

Skill Requirements

We requires the ability to consistently and independently transcribe multi-speaker audio recordings completely, accurately, and in adherence to formatting standards and quality requirements. This also includes:

• Fast and accurate typing and word processing

• Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills

• Proofreading and editing skills

• Aptitude for discerning challenging audio and accented speech

• Processing and responding well to quality feedback

• Reliably meeting established deadlines

Contract Requirements

• Available and willing to commit time to an initial quality development program

• Availability to meet per-week production minimums

• Up-to-date PC with Microsoft operating system (10+), anti-virus protection, and Word (2016+)

• High-speed internet connection

• Foot pedal and headset (and audio player for legal work)

• Proficient, self-sufficient hardware and software use and maintenance