National Binge Day Dream Job: Become our Official TV Binger!

Do you consider yourself the ultimate serial binger? Well, boy have we got the perfect gig for you. 

To celebrate National Binge Day on September 25th, we want to get to the bottom of a popular debate: which series truly is the most binge-worthy on Netflix? Squid Game, Stranger Things, or Wednesday…? We’re looking for the ultimate TV binger to step up to the challenge. 

We’ve all been there – that ever so tempting ‘play next episode’ pops up, but then work calls. Well, how does being paid (yes, paid!) to watch some of the most popular Netflix series sound? You’ll also receive a generous budget to cover a Netflix subscription (for the year) and snacks! Sign me up.

How it works

You can literally get paid to sit back, relax and feast on your favorite snacks all while binge-watching Netflix. The lucky winner will get paid $2,000, as well as $500 to cover snacks and a Netflix subscription.

The winner will need to score each TV series out of 10, based on the following criteria:

  1. Bingeability rating – likeliness of you watching more than 1 episode in each sitting
  2. Distractibility rating – how often you found yourself distracted during? (work emails, cooking, texting your pals)
  3. Snoozability rating – likeliness to send you to sleep Zzz
  4. ‘Take two’ rating – likeliness that you’d re-watch the series?
  5. The grand finale rating – just how wow’d you were at the season finale

You’ll be ‘binging’ and scoring the following 3 TV series (according to Netflix’s “most streamed shows of all time”) – Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Wednesday. The winner will need to watch every series over the period of a month.

Applications close on National Binge Day – 25th September 11:59 p.m. (EDT)