Marketing Technology Specialist

What you’ll do:

  • Support the development, testing, and enablement of ongoing and new marketing automation campaigns and workflows to streamline marketing operations
  • Perform day-to-day martech stack maintenance and troubleshooting, including setting up, testing, researching, updating, and launching projects
  • Help cultivate collaboration with internal and external partners in the marketing campaign production process
  • Assist in optimizing database architecture to support measuring lifecycle stages effectively by analyzing performance and recommending solutions to field management, unsubscribe parameters, and data purges
  • Maintain documentation of existing martech platforms and prepare drafts for new systems, including setup, configuration, user management, data integration, and campaign execution
  • Collaborate with various Marketing stakeholders on cross-channel campaigns to account for diverse needs
  • Communicate proactively with peers and leadership on plans, progress, and challenges

What you should have:

  • Suggested 2+ years of experience in marketing operations or other relevant fields
  • Experience using marketing automation, lead management, in-product tours, and other tools like Marketo, Salesforce, Intercom, Looker, Captello, Typeform, etc.
  • Understanding of database and segmentation best practices