Manager, Audit

Be Successful in The Role, You Should Be Able to:

  • Successfully manage and lead an audit program ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, compliance standards, internal policies, and mandates.
  • Lead and manage a team of auditors, assigning tasks, setting priorities, and providing guidance through the audit process.
  • Continuously evaluate and enhance audit methodologies, processes, and tools to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Support the development of security policies, training material, and other core documents.
  • Coordinate and manage onsite assessments with external stakeholders.
  • Manage a global team, with team members from varying geographical regions (flexible scheduling availability).
  • Coordinate with third-party auditors/assessors in managing audit program and treatment of potential deficiencies.

You Can Leverage Your Expertise to:

  • Assess and forecast manpower requirements to meet organizational objectives.
  • Monitor and assess the potential impact of emerging technologies on laws, regulations, and/or policies.
  • Interpret and apply laws, regulations, policies, and guidance relevant to organization cyber objectives.
  • Coordinate with senior leadership of an organization to facilitate the sharing of risk-related information among authorizing officials and other senior leaders within the organization.
  • Advise authorizing officials, chief information officers, senior information security officers, and the senior accountable official for risk management/risk executive (function), on a range of security-related issues (e.g. establishing system boundaries; assessing the severity of weaknesses and deficiencies in the system; plans of action and milestones; risk mitigation approaches; security alerts; and potential adverse effects of identified vulnerabilities).
  • Coordinate their security-related activities with security architects, senior information security officers, system owners, common control providers, and system security officers.