Community Resource Specialist

  • Documents all actions taken on record listing updates and communication with service providers to manage personal workflow.
  • Creates and maintains record listings in a resource database of organizations that provide programs and services for Iowans with disabilities. 
  • Communicate effectively through various forms of communication (phone, email, Zoom) with service providers throughout the state and nationwide.
  • Research and gain knowledge of the complex systems of support for Iowans with disabilities and their families for understanding, to share information with the team, and to accurately add new services to database record listings.
  • Analyzes data for quality improvement and information dissemination initiatives.
  • Represent Iowa Compass by providing information about the program’s mission to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Assists service providers in completing an annual verification to ensure their organization’s programs and services are accurately listed.
  • Contribute ideas and work collaboratively with the Iowa Compass team.
  • Reports regularly to the Iowa Compass Program Manager on the status of activities. Reports on the status of tasks and projects to the Database Administrator, as requested.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field or equivalent combination of education and experience in data curation and analysis.
  • Inform USA’s Community Resource Specialist – Database Curator (CRS-DC) certification required at time of hire, or within 18 months of employment.
  • One year experience providing data analysis, including the ability to become proficient in learning new and changing applications and software.
  • Extensive proficiency in working with various communication tools (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Zoom, etc.) including being able to perform in an online work environment.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to quickly develop rapport.
  • Experience successfully working in a position requiring independent judgement including effective task management that requires a high level of attention to detail, prioritization, effective communication, and critical thinking.
  • Experience working as a cooperative and interactive member of a remote team.
  • Ability to travel occasionally for professional conferences or team events at the Center for Disabilities and Development.