Automation Quality Control Specialist

Job Description
Pay: $12.00 + piece rate
Location: REMOTE

Schedule: Monday – Saturday 8 am – 5 pm Mountain Time with a weekday off (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) Saturdays are Mandatory!

Conservice has developed unique software that automatically pulls data from our client’s bills and input the data into a uniform company format, saving lots of time in our process. Instead of searching for bills with different formats, they can look directly at the data. The purpose of our Automation Quality Control Specialists position (or AQC Specialists) is to monitor this automated processing software. When errors are found, AQC Specialists are responsible for finding and resolving the problem by collaborating with the IT team. If the bill cannot be processed, you will manually input the bill information. Your work to maintain smooth processes allows your team members to focus more on accuracy, rather than the high volume of bills to process.

As an AQC Specialist, you will:

Monitor automated internal utility processing software
Input data from bills into company software
Recognize and research abnormalities within bills
Collaborate with other team members to resolve bill issues in a timely manner
Phone usage is not required for this position
Will occasionally will be expected to help other sub teams and must be willing to cross train and learn their processes

Preferred Skills
Attention to detail with the purpose of catching any abnormalities our software may have missed
Good typing and computer skills
Willingness to learn Conservice software
Ability to stay focused when the workload can be very repetitive
Average/Fast typing speed (40-70 words per minute)
Quick mental processing and good hand-to-eye coordination