TechCrunch, Venture Desk Editor

It takes powerful technology to connect our brands and partners with an audience of nearly 900 million. Whether you’re looking to write mobile app code, engineer the servers behind our massive ad tech stacks, or develop algorithms to help us process trillions of data points a day, what you do here will have a huge impact on our business—and the world. Want in?

TechCrunch, one of the world’s foremost sources of information on emerging technology, is looking for a San Francisco-based Venture Desk Editor who can manage a team of writers covering startups and venture capital. This includes coverage of investment firms, investors, entrepreneurs and startups and the stories of drama and glory beneath the business of building.

The right person for this role will also be involved in programming and perhaps even moderating panels at our high-profile events, which draw experts with varying facets of knowledge on a wide range of issues and sectors, including AI, e-commerce, hardware and a wide variety of software technologies. 

TechCrunch’s mission is to tell the stories behind the stories. As an editor overseeing the venture desk, you will contribute your voice and leadership skills to this mission. You’ll need to know how to talk to investors, engineers, lawyers, bankers and founders. You’ll use your knowledge and acumen to cut through the noise and help contextualize the news on behalf of our readers.

Top candidates will have the ability to help a staff of writers with a deep knowledge of venture to understand which stories are worth chasing (and dropping), how to gather string for stories, and how to accurately report on and publish news that needs to go out quickly.

TechCrunch often covers stories weeks, months or years before they enter mainstream consciousness. A strong proactive sensibility and good instincts will serve well in this environment. 

We need someone who:

  • Has an obsessive desire to lead a team reporting on emergent tech companies and the personalities behind them
  • Can work across a team of editors to devise and shape editorial strategy
  • Has the ability to spot a TechCrunch news story from miles away
  • Can write content related to the business of tech
  • Can develop and write features 
  • Can develop and write analysis pieces
  • Can present numbers in unique and varying ways, i.e. via charts, graphs, galleries
  • Will work with the Editor in Chief
  • Has 8+ years of experience in journalism
  • Has a proven track record of managing a team of venture reporters that can break news and make an impact
  • Is deeply sourced in Silicon Valley and beyond 
  • Possesses knowledge of and understand the importance of SEO 
  • Can write headlines that capture the imagination of readers