Staff Product Manager

What You’ll Do Here: 

  • Strategize: Shape the vision, strategy and roadmap of Boulevard’s fintech practice, including but not limited to payment processing and settlements, point-of-sale hardware, capital lending, integrated banking, issuing, and risk
  • Problem Solve: Build the right solution for the right problem at the right time for the right user
  • Drive Clarity: Align counterparts, cross-functional teams, stakeholders, leaders and executives
  • Deliver: Execute on the roadmap through discovery and delivery
  • Collaborate: Partner closely with peers in design, engineering, product marketing, fintech operations, and finance to thoughtfully shape, iterate, and deliver customer and business outcomes
  • Make Decisions: Thoughtfully make decisions that impact the future of the product and company through a delicate balance of customer and business needs
  • Measure: Ensure our products are indeed delivering the expected outcomes
  • Influence: Influence strategy and roadmap of other teams
  • Partner: Engage with third-party vendors, technology partners, and high profile customers
  • Culture Advocacy: Contribute to the product culture and advocate for best practices
  • Mentor: Mentor and coach other PMs and team members

What You’ll Need To Thrive: 

  • You have an impactful track record in senior product leadership roles such as a Lead, Staff, Group, Principal or Director
  • You have first-hand experience working for a company that was an ISO, Payment Facilitator, Acquirer, or other financial institution, preferably in a SaaS environment
  • You have been there and seen it all in the world of fintech products. Examples:
    • You have understanding of payments acceptance methods, including hardware
    • You have strong familiarity with the layers of costs involved to process transactions.
    • You have expertise in security and compliance standards such as KYC, AML, PCI-DSS
    • You are experienced in working together with finance operations and strategy teams
  • You have seasoned product management chops, and have been coaching and supporting others
  • You value deep collaboration, working in cross functional teams, and get them to crawl -> walk -> run
  • You can build alignment with opinionated stakeholders and executives easily
  • You know how to strike a balance between customer needs and revenue goals
  • You can think big picture, but also zoom in with attention to detail
  • You are a master of tradeoffs and making great decisions quickly
  • You have an ownership mindset