Social Media Specialist

This is the perfect job for someone who is a natural storyteller that likes to build narratives that land with specific target audiences, and someone who can use their knowledge of branding and messaging to create engaging social media content. This role is for someone who gets excited at the idea of building meaningful communities on a digital platform.

This role works collaboratively with other Impact Specialists to create and execute on an Author’s social media strategy. You’ll help build their network and audience by bolstering their personal brands on social media and creating engaging content. This is not for someone who is interested in repeating the same cookie-cutter campaign again and again. This is for someone who sees each Author for the unique individual they are and the value of sharing their story.

The role breaks down like this:

You’ll get to know an Author, understand their goals, their why for writing a book, and what they’re trying to achieve.
You’ll work with a Digital Specialist to develop a year-long, comprehensive social media strategy that works towards even the loftiest of goals.
You’ll own and manage all the execution pieces of an Author’s social media strategy. This includes:
Ideating content and collaborating with Copywriting and Design Creatives to bring your ideas to life
Ensuring all content is fully aligned with the Author’s brand and messaging and contributes to their overall goals
Creating and managing a strategic content calendar, identifying key metrics to measure campaign success, and pivoting when those are not met
Identifying trends and conversations that would be beneficial for the Author to engage with
Collaborating with the Digital Specialist to ensure all aspects of an Author’s digital strategy remain aligned through the process
Proactively communicating with your team and the Author on project status
Your creative thinking and community-building powers will help drive the kinds of results our Authors purchase our services for.

Once again: This role is NOT for someone who wants to serve the same cookie-cutter service to every Author. We’re not looking for “set and forget” social media strategies. This is for a motivated person looking for an incredible opportunity to use their marketing and social networking skills to drive results.

If you can nail that, you’re probably pretty awesome, which brings us to an important question:

Who are we and what do we do?
We’re Scribe Media, and our mission is to help everyone on earth write, publish and market their book.

The problem is that writing and publishing books are, for most people, a painful and difficult process, loaded with uncertainty and aggravation. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible, so that as many people as possible can do it.