English GB-All English variants ( AUS, NZ, IR) Multimedia Content Reviewer

In this exciting position, the Multimedia Content Reviewer will be writing and reviewing linguistic content in a language in which they have a linguistic level of proficiency to ensure the highest quality of accuracy for customers using the world’s foremost multimedia platforms.
Idiomatic Proficiency in English (Linguistic competency in target language equal to the following: ILR Level 5 or CEF C2) from Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or other English-speaking locations.
With time the Multimedia Content Editor will become the cultural ambassador for their language market and will be expected to produce fully localized content and flag potential cultural issues with content types, wording, and articulate suggestions to make all content appropriate and relevant for the target markets. 

The ideal candidate possesses a background in journalism or similar and lived/worked at least 3-5 years in at least two English-speaking countries, has proven creative writing skills, and has keen attention to detail. In addition to that, we’re seeking candidates that are passionate about music, film, and tech and have a knack for iOS and MacOS devices.

Job Details

Job Title: Multimedia Content Editor
Location: Remote, US-based
Pay Rate: $27-30 per hour
Schedule: 1-5 hours a week
Duration: Ongoing, no end date
Employment Type: Freelancer
The following is a non-exhaustive list of responsibilities and areas of ownership of the Multimedia Content Editor:
Localize, translate, and adapt the content of various categories (i.e. multimedia, legal, technical, marketing, etc.) while adhering to writing style guide and guidelines
Write new copy for a range of multimedia products such as music, TV, and app store apps, video-on-demand, and game subscription services.
Perform regular linguistic reviews of their own work as well as the work performed by other members of the localization team for all content types.
Copy-edit and fact-check the content to ensure the accuracy of the content
Perform LQA (Localization QA) testing of any content published on live platforms (music and app descriptions, marketing material, and marketing campaigns).
Conducts market-specific research on local content treatment, content, product and terminology trends, and best localization practices for the target audience in their market.
Transcribe spoken content such as lyrics
Report on data and/or assets across a broad scope of media and content types.
Review linguistic assessments, create training material and documents for new projects, and ensure that other counterparts of the localization team are fully trained on terminology, style, and best practices
Collaborate with the global language team via virtual meetings, and emails on content review tasks to ensure calibrating terminology and style, understanding trends and market-specific insights, and translations based on the market team’s needs. 
BS/BA and 2+ years of work experience in the field of linguistic, journalism, copywriting, or copyediting media content such as music, TV and applications with proof of writing samples
Experience in translation and localization of multimedia content

Excellent grammar and writing skills ((different variants)
Strong creative writing, proofreading, and editing skills (different variants)
Valid authorization to work in the US without the need for sponsorship
Ability to quickly detect issues and inconsistencies from a massive sea of content and make sound judgment calls based on information at hand
Is in tune and has a wide range of knowledge music artists, TV and cinema, gaming and pop culture
Has ability to own language market and make confident linguistic decisions
Must be highly detail-oriented with ability to multitask, prioritize and meet deadlines
Technology Savvy: Strong practical knowledge of computers and mobile devices, Word processors, Spreadsheets, touch-typing expertise, Digital presentations, Search engine knowledge, Keyboard shortcuts, Virtual conferences, Social media
Knowledge of iOS/ MacOS systems is a Must
Well capable of typing in their native level language using a local keyboard
Ability to work independently and remotely
Collaborative; enjoys teamwork in a multicultural environment.
$27 – $30 an hour