Social Designer

OLIPOP was founded in 2017 by Ben Goodwin and David Lester. Ben and David have been working together for nearly a decade to find accessible solutions to bring the benefits of digestive health to as many consumers as possible.  OLIPOP is a deliciously refreshing tonic that is crafted with prebiotics, botanicals, and natural plant fiber to support your microbiome and benefit digestive health. We’re on a mission to provide an affordable, delicious alternative to soda that delivers leading-edge health benefits to mainstream consumers.


At Olipop our values lead the way we create our products, engage with each other, and interact with our community. While we’re invested in our product, we’re equally invested in personal development. We’re tightly knit, we’re genuine and we’re always pushing the envelope to do a better job than we did the day before. Our team is also fully remote, requiring us to be resourceful, creative and collaborative to support our fast-moving business.

To best serve our diverse community of customers, we also seek to recruit and include people with a diversity of abilities, backgrounds, and cultures.


Working at a start-up can be as much a personal journey as it is a professional one. To succeed at a company like Olipop, you must be comfortable with failing, learning, and adapting. You need to be curious, optimistic, and able to find a way when it seems impossible. You must be confident enough to express your ideas but humble and open to learning from your experiences and from others. If this is the approach you take to life, then we’d love to hear from you.


OLIPOP is looking for a Social Designer. This will be an exciting opportunity to be part of a growing team and work to define the future at OLIPOP. We’re looking for someone with strong design skills and experience with social media content creation. You should have a passion for social media culture, a strong knowledge of platform functionality, and experience incorporating a brand platform into everyday social posts.

This position will put you in contact with almost everything that happens on OLIPOP’s social channels. You’ll create content from scratch, edit videos, and help oversee photo and video shoots. You will be responsible for OLIPOP’s look on social. As a Social Designer, your responsibilities won’t include writing or editorial tasks, but you’ll have a keen eye and opinion about what makes great content for our audiences.


  • Creating brand-focused stills & videos 
  • Graphic design & typography
  • Photo editing/retouching
  • Editing video posts
  • Staying informed about social media trends 
  • Up to date on platform functionality, especially on Instagram and TikTok
  • Translating our brand platform’s visual language to social
  • Managing vendors to produce things like merch, events, and costumes 

*You would not be responsible for copywriting content


  • 3+ years experience as a social or graphic designer
  • Comfort and familiarity with quick-turnaround content creation schedules
  • Proficiency with social media culture and platform functionality
  • Strong awareness of brand behavior on social
  • Proficiency with basic design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Figma
  • Proficiency with video editing software like Premiere, After Effects, and TikTok Video Editing tools


$75,000-$85,000 base salary + bonus


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