Senior Software Engineer

hat you’ll do 

  • Design, develop and maintain tools for automation that reduce operational friction and increase engineering efficiency
  • Provision infrastructure with Terraform and create reusable modules
  • Implement application monitoring tools that reflect the wellness of the Evolve application
  • Collaborate with teams across the organization to identify DevOps needs and deliver solutions
  • Enable teams to integrate and deploy code with CI/CD pipelines in a manner that is secure, reliable and efficient
  • Integrate tooling with build infrastructure and achieve process consistency throughout Evolve

What makes you a great fit

  • 5+ years building scalable infrastructure and deployment pipelines, in GitLab, Docker, AWS
  • Expert understanding of modern DevOps best practices and how to implement them
  • Experience providing  technical leadership as a senior member of a development team
  • Proficiency in platform engineering principles, crafting IDPs to empower engineers
  • Skill in troubleshooting cross-system issues and designing end-to-end stack solutions