Senior Producer, Character Art

  • Solicit needs from the department and communicate project requirements. Take those requirements and turn them into project plans. Work with the art team to execute those plans.  
  • Work collaboratively with production and department leadership to drive decision making that achieves both the project goals and company values. 
  • Connect departments and eliminate roadblocks to ensure the team is flowing efficiently through their work.  
  • Communicate project risks to leadership. 
  • Suggest improvements to the production process and assist in seeing them through. 
  • Assemble productivity data from the production tracking system and use that data to create production reports that steer production forward. 

Requirements & Skills:  

  • Project Management or Business Administration skills or experience. 
  • Experience with Jira, Shotgun/ShotGrid, Perforce or other industry standard tasking and version control software.  
  • Experience with modern game art pipelines, particularly 3D character scanning and high-fidelity realistic character art pipelines preferred. 
  • Experience with talent scanning preferred.  
  • Flexible and agile, able to adapt during a project to emerging requirements.  
  • Adaptive managerial skills, knowing when to use formal or informal tactics and strategy to achieve project success.  
  • Experience or familiarity with managing budgets and/or staff resource plans. 


  • At least 5 years of experience as a Producer or Project Manager delivering projects working across multiple departments or equivalent experience. 
  • Strong time management skills in a technically sophisticated and fast-paced work environment.  
  • Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills with high emotional intelligence. 
  • High attention to detail and driven to results.