Payment Processor 

ob Description
Pay: $12.00/hour + piece rate pay!

Schedule: Part-Time: Monday – Friday 7 am – 11 am Mountain Time

Location: REMOTE

Our main goal at Conservice is to manage our clients’ bills – and one of the most important things about managing bills is paying them! That’s where you come in: your role is to use the information in our software to make utility bill payments. Speed and accuracy are the keys to success (and higher pay), and with our in-depth training and extended time periods to meet standards, any individual that is goal-oriented, willing to learn, and persistent will be able to meet and exceed their work goals and pay goals. Success has been found in team members who are (1) proficient in navigating through multiple different computer programs, (2) comfortable on the phone, (3) work independently to investigate inconsistencies and resolve them, and (4) able to explain a complex idea, both verbally and written, using clear, professional language.


Navigate utility provider websites to make bill payments
Research utility account information to ensure bill information is accurate
Organize and record payment information into general trackers

Preferred Skills
Comfortable using a computer and a 10-key number pad
Proficient in navigating through multiple different computer programs
Able to solve problems independently using the resources and tools provided
Able to make unaided decisions and commit processes to memory
Average to fast typing speed (40-70 words per minute)
Quick mental processing and good hand-to-eye coordination, preferred
Experience with Google Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Meet), preferred
Comfortable on the phone (phone calls about every two weeks to utility providers)
Willing to learn – committed to quickly learning and adapting to new computer software
Goal-oriented – can make goals and figure out ways to achieve them
Persistent – can remain constant in efforts to achieve and surpass goals