Enterprise Data Warehouse Data Engineer

The Enterprise Data Warehouse Data Engineer will bring us tremendous value in extracting and ingesting raw data from various platforms such as Salesforce, Shopify, and other go-to-market and eCommerce platforms, using REST APIs, GraphQL, and preparing and modeling it in a usable format for data architecture, strategy and analytics.  The Enterprise Data Warehouse Data Engineer will also construct ETL Pipelines within Google Cloud Platform tools and Google BigQuery.

As we continue to grow, this role offers the unique opportunity to join a team that ensures that raw data is accurately and efficiently collected, related, transformed and visualized, serving as the foundation for our data-driven decision-making processes and revealing insights about our business and product.


  • Design and implement automated data extraction solutions from various platforms using REST APIs and GraphQL 
  • Ensure efficient and reliable ingestion of raw data into our data warehouse environment according to specifications outlined by warehousing team, including relational data
  • Work closely with data sources like Salesforce, Shopify, and other platforms to capture comprehensive data sets in a batch manner