Director of Growth Marketing

  • Data Native: You live and breathe data. Writing SQL queries or quality-assuring data pipelines isn’t just second nature to you; it’s something you relish. You understand how to use data to inform marketing and growth strategies effectively.
  • Sales and Quality Scoring Acumen: Deep experience working hand-in-hand with sales teams, focusing on quality scoring and understanding the nuances of managing numerous small creators while aligning with a robust sales force.
  • Adaptability in a Changing Landscape: Comfort with the fast-paced, ever-changing world of data and privacy. You understand that measurement is becoming increasingly challenging yet crucial, and you’re adept at navigating these complexities.
  • Culture of Experimentation: Proven track record of fostering and leading a culture of experimentation, continuously testing, learning, and adapting to optimize performance.
  • C-Level and Financial Savvy: You’re experienced in managing C-level partnerships and have a firm grasp of financials. You can speak the language of both your operational team and the leadership team, bridging gaps and aligning objectives.