Database Automation Engineer

  • Designing, developing and maintain automated solutions for Db2z software upgrades, RSUs and associated tools
  • Designing, developing and maintain automated solutions for Mainframe database deployments, configuration, backup and recovery, monitoring and performance tuning
  • Collaborating with software development teams to integrate database automation process into the software development cycle
  • ‘Implementing and maintain database automation frameworks, tools, and scrips to streamline database operations and enhance efficiency
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and automation within the database environment and proposing innovative solutions
  • Troubleshooting and resolving database-related issues in collaboration with cross-functional teams, including system administrators, developers, and network engineers
  • Ensuring high availability and performance of production databases through effective automation strategies and monitoring techniques
  • Conducting regular performance analysis and capacity planning to optimize database resources
  • Documenting database automation process, procedures and configuration to ensure knowledge sharing and compliance with organization standards
  • Keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and advancement in database automation technologies

Required Qualifications

  • 4+ years in proven experience as a Database Engineer or similar role, with a focus on automation
  • Knowledge of database concepts, principles and technologies of Mainframe Db2
  • DevOps for Mainframe
  • 4+ years proficiency in scripting languages like Python or Bash for automation tasks
  • 4+ years experience with database automation frameworks and tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef or Terraform
  • Experience with source code management tools like GitHub, GitLab
  • Experience with CI/CD orchestration tool like Jenkins, GitHub Action
  • Understanding of database architecture, replication and high availability concepts