Lotic seeks an experienced copyeditor and proofreader adept at reviewing, editing, and proofing copy in written and visual formats.
As the ideal candidate, you are an excellent conceptual and technical reader. You are as equally able to identify narrative disconnects and lapses in brand voice as you are syntactic and grammatical errors.
In this role, you will edit and proof a wide range of well-being content developed by a world-class cross-functional team comprising clinical science, creative writing, and design experts.
All content must evidence narrative continuity and drive user engagement while maintaining fidelity to core clinical science concepts and adhering to the highest standards of accuracy and clarity.
You will additionally support—and review copy for—everything from social media and marketing to research, testing, UX, and more.
If you are the ideal candidate, you are a highly collaborative individual who can give and receive insightful, actionable feedback. You are focused and intentional about your work and a devoted craftsperson. You are as passionate about grammar and style as you are about connotations and etymologies. You are detail oriented and nothing gets past you!
You must also be already familiar with, or able to quickly get up to speed with, Chicago Manual of Style guidelines. You must also be able to review copy in both Google Docs and Figma and be able to work with project management software.
While not a formal prerequisite, previous editing experience in the well-being/wellness field is beneficial.
Key Responsibilities:
Copyedit and proofread copy to ensure alignment with CMOS standards, brand voice and tone guidelines, and all relevant best practices associated with the production of clear, compelling, and actionable copy.
Layout proofing in Figma.
Maintain the highest standards of quality and accuracy.
Collaborate cross-functionally with clinical scientists, writers, designers, marketers, and more, to ensure that all copy aligns with company goals and objectives.
Consistently meet deadlines and provide and respond to comments, suggestions, and questions promptly and informatively.
Be a master of editorial diplomacy. Ensure all stakeholder opinions are honored and deliver constructive feedback in inclusive and respectful ways.
Additional Qualifications:
Exceptional copyediting and proofreading skills—both creative and technical.
Proven track record of copyediting and proofreading across multiple formats and platforms.
Ability to think visually and understand the unique ways in which copy is experienced visually. You should be comfortable using Figma for layout proofing.
Able to work in a fast-paced environment, take in feedback, and adapt to change.
Excellent organizational and time management skills, including the ability to work successfully under tight deadlines and with a high volume of projects.
Base Salary
Stock Options
Flexible/Unlimited PTO