Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

Position Type: Independent contractor

Location: Remote

Wage: $40/hour

Estimated weekly hours: 10-20

“Wow! [Your Name Here] is the best Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist we’ve ever seen!”

As a Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist working with Fertility Bridge, you will optimize the lead generation and conversion rates for our clients. You will independently counsel advertisers on the advertiser strategy (including landing pages structure and copy, ad structure and copy, and lead magnet structure and copy) to increase conversion strategy of leads to sales.

But how do you know if this is your dream work and if Fertility Bridge is your dream client? If you answer yes to these three questions this just might be the place for you:

  1. Do you have a track record of success with analyzing, identifying, and articulating issues in the conversion process, assisting digital marketing by turning leads into sales, and performing testing, providing advice, and developing strategies for improving sales conversions?
  2. Do you have the ability to instill confidence with clients as a chief marketing strategist?
  3. Do you have proven experience increasing conversion rates by counseling advertisers on the advertising strategy including landing page structure and copy, ad structure and copy, and lead magnet structure and copy?


Should you choose to accept it, is to help Fertility Bridge optimize the lead generation and conversion strategies for our clients.

The Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist (Advertiser Strategist) will be responsible for the following outcome(s):

  1. 10-20 sales qualified leads obtained by Advertiser per Inside Reproductive Health campaign.
  2. Advertisers, up to 10 per month, counseled on Advertiser strategy with zero involvement from Inside Reproductive Health owner. Including landing page structure and copy, ad structure and copy, lead magnet structure and copy.

What we think we have for you to achieve your outcome(s):

  • Two channels, Podcast, and Digest, each with two different sponsorship types, Feature and Brought to You By
  • Media Kit with information about our 1,700 subscribers and sponsorship details
  • Project management software—Asana
    • Sponsor Deliverables – Feature template for tracking feature sponsor deliverables
    • Sponsor Deliverables – Brought-to-you-by template for tracking brought-to-you-by deliverables
    • Sponsorship Planner – Overview of current Sponsorships and Deliverables
  • Advertiser Strategy Intake File, includes things that are important to audience
  • Sales and Marketing Pathway visual, to understand what’s needed for advertiser to close sale
  • Terms of service agreement for advertiser.
  • Sales Assistant, to help move order from sales to accounting, and then accounting to delivery
  • Podcast Project Manager, part time
  • Digest Project Manager, part time
  • Advertising Traffic Manager, part time 
  • Operations Manager, part time
  • Writer, part-time
  • Email marketing specialist, part time
  • Almost 200 podcast episodes to listen to, to gain knowledge of what’s important to fertility field
  • 30+ original news articles, to gain knowledge of what’s important to fertility field
  • Advertising Success Manager (Relationship Manager) as Advertiser’s main point of contact to handle day-to-day communication and customer service with Advertiser. You are not Advertiser’s point of contact
  • 15 page resource for fertility knowledge, industry types, acronyms, what’s important to audience
  • 10 page resource for how Inside Reproductive Health helps with the sales and marketing pathway–fluidly linking marketing to sales with measurement and accountability—with past examples

What we don’t have (YET!) for you to achieve your outcome(s):

  • No documented record for what types or frequencies of sponsorships gain particular results. You will have to standardize recommendations
  • No data administrator, at present, to pull or categorize audience behavior with regard to lead magnets. You will have to tell us what data to get and then be able to get it
  • No conversion copywriter
  • No overall planned and documented content strategy, yet
  • No fixed content calendar beyond five weeks
  • No system for enforcing Advertiser to do what they are responsible for (quality of lead magnet, landing page, lead reporting)
  • Sponsor Deliverables templates are work in progress and may need further refinement
  • Mode for collecting advertiser assets may need to be automated or moved to more secure channel, currently lives in Google doc
  • Deliverables may already have been sold/promised to Advertiser
  • Do not know if the Insertion Order contains everything the Advertiser needs or needs to do
  • Lead magnets currently on Advertiser’s website, not ours
  • No Data Manager to report on Advertiser performance
  • Advertiser leads are currently reported by Advertiser
  • Advertiser Planner portfolio in Asana may not be optimized
  • No Loom training on how to perform content strategy tasks
  • Strategy intake form is still being standardized with best practices for advertisers. You will have to discover, prove, and standardize those best practices in detail
  • You will have to instill the advertisers with confidence because advertisers currently view company owner as chief strategist

Everyone at Fertility Bridge is responsible for the following outcome(s):

  1. Must Get, Want, and have the Capacity to achieve the outcomes aligned with the role
  2. Must be a plus or a plus/minus on each of the five core values of Fertility Bridge
  3. Leader specifies and judges the result of the outcome. 
  4. Must be on brand with Fertility Bridge and Inside Reproductive Health brand guidelines
  5. Employee or contractor  must specify exactly what is required to achieve outcome
  6. Must be accountable in Asana
  7. Must create Fertility Bridge assets in Fertility Bridge drives using Fertility Bridge account