Contract Human Resources Recruiting Specialist

Position Type: 1099 Independent contractor

Location: Remote (must be US-based)

Wage: Project-based compensation with a $1,000 minimum

Estimated weekly hours: That’s up to you!

“Wow! [Your Name Here] is the best Contract Recruiter we’ve ever seen!”

As the HR Recruiting Specialist working with Fertility Bridge, you have a major impact on the career fulfillment and dreams of our team. You help us build our team by finding candidates that share our values.

But how do you know if this is your dream work and if Fertility Bridge is your dream client?

If you answer yes to these three questions:

Do you enjoy the entire process of the recruitment cycle?

Are you excited about the opportunity to help us build our team of independent contractors?

Can you identify the necessary qualities for success, and place those candidates in the right seat at Fertility Bridge?


Should you choose to accept it, is to support Fertility Bridge’s growth by sourcing, vetting, interviewing, and onboarding successful independent contractors.

The Recruiting Specialist will be responsible for the following outcome:

Recruitment of up to 15 part-time or independent contractor positions per year, each within 1.5 months from opening to executed independent contractor or employment agreement, who are a Yes on GWC, and a plus or a plus-minus on each of Fertility Bridge’s values on the People Analyzer. Management and distribution of promotional budgets for advertising job postings across platforms. Consistent and timely updates for accountability in Asana.

What we think we have for you to achieve outcomes:

An applicant tracking system, Hireology, with interview templates and an automatic sweep to Indeed

A Human Resources Manager that is responsible for HR processes

Visibility into Griffin’s and team members’ calendars (Calendly) and Zoom links for scheduling

Accounts for job posting sites like ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, RedBalloon, Angel List, and Indeed with the ability to request additional source sites

Monthly promotional budget: $300 for in-need independent contractor positions

Previous job descriptions, and standardized job description template, to use in creating each unique posting

A payroll service Gusto for W2 employees

A service called Corpay that is used to pay independent contractors

An interview structure, from The Who method of hiring, see Fig 7

Interviewing videos and resources

Asana project management software for tracking each recruitment and providing a fluid communication tool

Weekly Zoom meeting with the HR Manager to provide project support

A corporate Google account with Gmail, Calendar, Drives

Feedback loop with Hiring manager to ensure candidate synergy

A lucrative project-based fee schedule that pays a very competitive project rate based on the position and how quickly you fill the role.

What we don’t have (YET!) for you to achieve your outcome(s):

Not all processes are fully developed or documented. Improvements are ongoing.

No formal training on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) or its People Analyzer, yet. You’ll have to seek information online.

No formal training on the WHO Method of Hiring. You’ll have to seek information online.

Corporate Zoom account. You will create your own utilizing your Fertility Bridge Google account information.

No full suite of technology training. You will need to be proactive in learning Hireology, Asana, and Google tools to use them to their fullest.

Everyone at Fertility Bridge is responsible for the following outcome(s):

Must Get, Want, and have the Capacity to achieve the outcomes aligned with the role

Must be a plus or a plus/minus on each of the five core values of Fertility Bridge

Leader specifies and judges the result of the outcome.

Must be on brand with Fertility Bridge and Inside Reproductive Health brand guidelines

Employee or contractor must specify exactly what is required to achieve outcome

Must be accountable in Asana

Must create Fertility Bridge assets in Fertility Bridge drives using Fertility Bridge account


If you feel you can contribute to a dynamic, growing company, please begin your application process by applying through Hireology. After you submit your cover letter, resume, and application on Hireology, you will receive acknowledgment via email. If you don’t see the acknowledgment email in your inbox, please check your spam folder – sometimes Hireology emails end up there.

As a remote company, we rely on remote working technologies to serve our clients. In evaluating new contributors, we put a premium on a candidate’s ability to shine through these same technologies: video, email correspondence, and web-based conferencing.

If your resume and experience are a potential match with us, an HR Recruiting Specialist will reach out to you to schedule a 20-30 minute Zoom video interview. Following the initial Zoom interview; we may schedule a 60-90 minute Zoom fit interview with the Hiring Manager, offer 1-3 paid assignments, and offer continued work based on your terms.