Bookkeeper / Office Assistant

Remote Part-time Bookkeeper / Office Assistant

We are a quickly growing young company that requires a remote bookkeeper / office assistant to carry-out and manage office matters including administration, accounts receivables, accounts payable, job costing, certified payroll reports duties, AIA progress billing, document organization, and otherwise help manage the vendors, schedule, transactions, records, emails and projects.

Klēn Space is a cleaning business with government and commercial clients along the east coast. This requires strict compliance with various billing and invoicing policies for each project. Although we work with the government and employ field workers, we pride ourselves in being an innovative and tech savvy company.

Must be able to work on Eastern Time Zone (New York) and ideally 20-25 hours a week through time tracking software (although, for the right applicant we would entertain a part-time position). This is for immediate hire.

Primary responsibilities:

General office & billing management involves the following tasks:

Verifies accuracy of billing data, correcting any errors.
Creates itemized statements, bills, invoices, and other necessary billing documents, which may require calculation of credit terms, shipping charges, discounts, and costs of goods.
Records amounts due for items purchased or services rendered.
Performs general bookkeeping work on a job costing basis which may include entering data and maintaining records, invoices, and supporting documents of amounts due for items purchased or services rendered.
Creates supporting documentation for billing documents for each type of project, whether it be G7202 payment applications, certified payroll reports, or hourly billing.
Contacts customers and subcontractors to obtain, verify, and update account information when necessary.
Contract / project / vendor set up and administration, which including W-9s and COIs
Highlight any discrepancies between logs and invoice accounts.
Initiate and establish new procedures for remote office administration and billing tasks
Ensures insurance and corporate compliance and renewals
Email, document and schedule management
Performs other related duties, as assigned.
Accounts Payable is about managing outgoing bills and invoices on behalf of the company. These bills might include utility payments, inventory invoices, employee expense accounts and reimbursements, which involve the following tasks:

Updating and maintaining records of expenditures
Verifying accuracy of invoices before sending out payments
Responding to vendor invoices
Ensuring that all payments are made in accordance with company policy
Ensuring that all payments are sent on time
Resolving payment discrepancies and disputes on behalf of the company
Fill out the weekly certified payroll sheet for each employee for each project with the hours and pay for the given week and include proof of pay stubs.
Submit these certified payroll sheets to the government on a monthly basis in the form of a single PDF with a coversheet and invoice.
Accounts Receivable is about managing incoming payments on behalf of the company, which involve the following tasks:

Preparing and emailing invoices to customers, with supporting documentation, which at times includes certified payroll reports.
Posting payments to customer accounts
Organizing and filing deposit receipts as invoices are paid
Preparing reports on delinquent accounts and customer payment profiles
Reconciling cash receipts and deposits
Analyzing financial records for accuracy

Required Skills/Abilities:

Good understanding of clerical and administrative procedures.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Excellent organizational and time management skills.
Excellent attentive to detail
Ability to do certified payroll reports.
Proactive and ability to solve problems as they arise.
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or similar software.
Proficient in AIA documentation and job costing
Education and Experience:

High school diploma or equivalent required.
Associates degree or vocational school training preferred in accounting, finance or payroll accounting.
Physical Requirements:

Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer.

English (required)

Pay is negotiable based upon experience and certifications (e.g. $28 – $36/hr)
20-25 hours a week (unless a part-time arrangement was made)
Immediate Hiring