Becoming an Expert

The process to become a SimplrFlex Experts is straightforward and can be completed entirely from the comfort of your home with no phone calls, interviews, or resumes necessary. You can take a break and pick up where you left off at any point.

Due to a surge of amazing applicants, all new applicants will be placed on our waiting list until we require their skills. We encourage you to go ahead and apply, however, so that you’re higher on the waiting list. At this time, we’re unsure how long an applicant may be placed on the waiting list, but it could be a few days, weeks, or months depending on our needs. We truly appreciate your interest.
– Updated on 1/14/2022
1) Register
30 Minutes
Take a minute to tell us about yourself and why you’re excited to become a SimplrFlex Expert!

2) Test Tickets
60 Minutes
Answer 10 test tickets to demonstrate your skills and capabilities.

3) Relax
1-10 Business Days
We’ll review your application and assessments to make sure SimplrFlex is the right fit for you.

4) Legal Stuff
1-10 Business Days
If everything looks good, we’ll invite you to sign our Terms of Service and complete a background check.

5) Earn Money!
Answer tickets on the SimplrFlex platform and earn money in your spare time.