Automotive Engineer

he Automotive Engineer (AE) is a system engineer on the VDP team with a deep automotive background. The AE is crucial in expanding diagnostic coverage to ensure we get accurate, quality data, across the fleet of 10,000+ MMYs (Make Model Years) dealing with various diagnostic protocols, standards, and OEM-specific proprietary information.

We primarily work with and collaborate closely with product managers, customer support teams, other firmware teams, and full-stack engineers to expand diagnostic coverage. Features are focused on ensuring maximum vehicle data coverage across a large fleet of vehicle types and providing availability and quality as a top priority.

Minimum requirements for this role:

  • Has professional experience working in the automotive industry.
  • Strong knowledge of vehicle systems and CAN communication.
  • Proficient in CAN data loggers or related data acquisition systems.
  • Proficient in CAN analysis SW (Vector CANalyzer, Intrepid Vehicle Spy).
  • Technical familiarity with automotive communication protocols (J1939, J1979, OBDII, J1708, etc) and vehicle onboard diagnostics systems from multiple OEMs across heavy trucking and passenger vehicles.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.