Write for Us

We are a part of the American Library Association and our reviews serve a specific purpose: guiding school and public library workers in purchasing and suggesting books.

Booklist reviews are “the haiku of book reviewing,” brief but impactful. In 150-175 words, our lively reviews place each work in context, provide a synopsis of plot and other appeal, suggest the ideal audience, and offer readalikes.

Booklist is a recommendation-only journal; every book we review is recommended for purchase in a library setting because of the content, the potential popularity, or other compelling collection development metrics. It’s crucial to keep this in mind when writing and submitting your review. If you don’t personally love a book but understand how some reader out there likely will, your review can help a librarian put that book in the hands of its ideal reader.

Who can review for Booklist

Because our audience is school and public library workers, Booklist seeks reviewers who are familiar with both books and libraries. A library degree is not required.