Test Assessor – Casper Rater (United States)


Our purpose

We are here to create a world served by exceptional professionals. Our product, Casper, helps higher education institutions to look beyond book smarts, seeing a clearer, more holistic view of applicants. It’s used by 265+ academic partners in Canada, the US, Australia (and growing!) with 100,000+ applicants taking the test each year, and covers 80% of all US medical school applicants. We also host the Admissions Summit, an annual 2-day conference, and power the Alo Grant, an annual $100,000 research fund.

The role:

Casper Raters are a key part of our mission to create a world served by exceptional professionals by bringing an analytical and unbiased approach to rating the test responses of our applicants.

What you should know about the Casper test:

  • The Casper test is an online selection tool used by academic programs to help assess applicants for non-academic attributes or people skills.
  • The applicants respond to 12 series of 3 open-ended questions, rated by human raters (you!)

What will you be doing?:

  • Reading applicant responses and comparing amongst the overall applicant pool to thoughtfully assign scores
  • Assessing applicant responses based on the onboarding training provided and participating in on-going refresher training
  • Providing feedback to help us improve our tests, platforms, and content


What will help you in the role:

  • An empathetic and analytical mindset
  • A high level of comfort working with technology
  • A curious and detail-oriented approach to suggest areas of improvement and spot potential issues with the platform
  • A strong alignment with our company Mission and Values

Raters must reside in the country they are rating responses for and have knowledge and experience of the culture in the country – we welcome applicants from all walks of life in an effort to continue to build a diverse group of Raters!


This is a casual contract position and we hire periodically on an as-needed basis. The rate of pay is $0.65/rating and Raters typically make between $20-30/hour when tests responses are available to rate.