Technical Enablement Manager

  Partner with Cross Functional stakeholders to develop training materials, enablement tools, and presentations.

·        Design courses, tutorials, guides, webinars, and demos for various skill levels.

·        Facilitate internal and external training sessions on Quickbase capabilities.

·        Co-facilitate internal product training for employee onboarding and ongoing skill development.

·        Design and conduct advanced product training for specialized teams or individuals.

·        Evaluate training effectiveness through assessments and feedback mechanisms.

·        Provide responsive support and personalized guidance to Quickbase users.

·        Stay informed about Quickbase updates and industry trends for training.


·        Bachelor’s degree preferred in relevant fields: Education, Computer Science, IT, or Business Administration.

·        1-2 years of Customer Success or related experience.

·        Demonstrated Quickbase experience, showing mastery of functionalities and customization preferred.

·        Expertise in training content creation and delivery, with proficiency in instructional design principles.

·        Proven ability to facilitate effective, engaging in-person and virtual training sessions.

·        Possess strong communication skills with the ability to translate complex technical subjects into understandable and engaging content.

·        Strong analytical skills for assessing training needs and driving continuous improvement.