Social Worker (Center M)

Salary Range Posting Salary: $38.38 – $52.71/hr, dependent on education and experience and in alignment with internal equity. Mid-career professionals should expect to be placed at or near the mid-point. FTE 0.03 Hours 1 hour per week HR Mission Academics Drug Testable Yes
Department Overview
Center M is an OHSU intervention that adapts effective preventive mental health care (mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy) to the standard prenatal care setting. One of the adaptations involves social workers leading online group care sessions with small groups of pregnant individuals (no more than 8 people per session with an average of 3 people per session). Each group of pregnant people will meet with the social worker leader for 1 hour per week over one month. The work is part of a grant-funded research project under the direction of Dr. Ellen Tilden with a goal of helping prenatal patients increase mental wellness and preventing perinatal depression. Social workers in this role will receive up to 8 hours of training and ongoing support in leading the Center M model.

Function/Duties of Position
Receives training in leading the Center M sessions.
Leads approximately one (1) prenatal group session per month using the Center M model. This involves 4 hours (1 hour per week) of online Webex or Zoom mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy education and practice with a group of generally 2-5 (and no more than 8) pregnant people who are participating in the research study in order to guide the participants in developing skills in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.
Refers patients to outside resources for assistance as needed.
Maintains written record of all social work involvement with patient; prepares accurate and timely statistics on assigned cases.
Reports findings to PI in support of research objectives. Provide additional support to grant activities as requested.
Required Qualifications

A Master’s in Social Work (MSW) is required.
Job Related Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Competencies):

Proficiency with digital conferencing software (Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc.)
Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
Registrations, Certifications and/or Licenses:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate (LCSWA) accepted

Code of conduct
Respect in the workplace
Applicable policies, procedures and agreements related to position, department or OHSU as a whole
Preferred Qualifications

Previous experience with pregnant and/or postpartum people.
Previous experience in a healthcare setting.
Registrations, Certifications and/or Licenses:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) preferred.
Additional Details
Working Conditions:

Work will be exclusively remote and web-based.
Physical Demands & Equipment Usage:

Must be able to use a computer for at least one (1) hour at a time.
All are welcome