Service Line Specialist Revenue Management

  • Performs professional and/or hospital billing and collection functions within the revenue management to include, but not limited to billing and collection functions, secondary collections, cash posting, A/R resolution, adjustments, credit balance resolution, revenue enhancement and cash flow for the various clinical service lines.
  • Performs the above-mentioned activities of the revenue management to insure cost effectiveness and organizational efficiency.
  • Furthermore, this position executes these functions in regard to how their function inter-relates to the other revenue management functions and all of the various third-party payers associated with the clinical service lines.
  • Communicates their functional activities to their leader, senior management as it relates to billing, insurance follow-up, cash flow, cash application, revenue enhancement, organizational profitability, customer service, accounts receivable results and revenue management results.
  • Works in conjunction with other areas to insure coordinated activities with respect to all revenue management needs.
  • Participates in a minimum of sixty hours of classroom training per year.
  • Involved, when required, in the development of various strategic plans.
  • Develops, implements and directs various quality initiatives to insure continuous monitoring and improvements within the revenue management process.