Senior Data Acquisition Specialist

Ellevation’s partners’ (customers’) success is due in no small part to how well their data is integrated into our products. One of the key challenges to achieving that success is to ensure that data is reliably, consistently, and correctly received from student information systems, testing vendors and other data providers.

Ellevation is seeking a Senior Data Acquisition Specialist to configure and facilitate consistent and reliable connections to our requisite data sources such as student demographics, teacher information, class schedules, and test results. The Senior Data Acquisition Specialist will work directly with our partners while receiving internal support from Ellevation’s success managers, integration specialists, and engineers.

Although we are looking for someone who has experience working with data, we primarily would like to find someone who wants to interact directly with customers. This role’s primary responsibilities will be in working with our partners through calls and screen shares, to create connections and extracts of key data points that power Ellevation’s products and services. This role will also be responsible for ensuring that the data we receive on an ongoing basis from our partners remains clean and consistent, and will work directly with partners to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to data connections and delivery.

The Data Acquisition Specialist works on a larger team of Data Integration Specialists and Engineers that are responsible for taking the data provided by the Data Acquisition Specialist, and transforming it to meet Ellevation’s ingestion specifications. The team members work closely to understand the shifting needs of Ellevation’s partners and products, and collaborate to solve complex problems and improve data acquisition and integration processes.

As a senior member of the team, the person in this role is expected to have prior knowledge of school information systems, especially around aspects of extracting data. The person in the senior role will also be expected to have knowledge of data vendor partners, and/or knowledge of how to guide our customers towards sourcing data for us from various vendors/state sources. We also are looking for a candidate who wants to be heavily involved in building new processes and improving existing processes for the team. Ideally, this candidate would also review documentation and processes put in place by less senior members of the team, and generally be a mentor to these teammates. Additionally, the ideal candidate will be comfortable communicating broadly across teams and frequently collaborating with various stakeholders across the organization.

Within 1 month, you will have:
Onboarded and learned about Ellevation.
Gained an understanding of how the different types of external data we gather powers our products.
Learned the basics on how we get data from School Information Systems and our data Vendor partners.
Joined customer calls accompanied by your manager or a member of our customer team.
Within 3 months, you will have:
Worked with customers independently to solve data issues.
Contributed to internal playbooks on how to extract data from School Information Systems.
Learned standards of data quality and vetted incoming data requests for data quality issues.
Within 6 months, you will have:
Contributed to improving team processes and building frameworks for how the team can best execute and succeed.
Within 12 months, you will have:
Developed expertise in the most common Student Information Systems, especially around the best strategies for extracting data from them.
Gained advanced proficiency in data analysis techniques for quickly and effectively assessing the fidelity of incoming data.
Become a leader for less senior members of the team.
Significantly contributed to both the team improving over time, and the overall success of the larger Data Integration organization.
Collaborate with partners via phone and screen share to configure consistent and reliable data extracts from School Information Systems.
Confirm that data extracts meet quality standards.
Configure data connections with vendor partners.
Thoroughly document new discoveries or processes that relate to extracting data from School Information Systems.
Monitor incoming data jobs to proactively diagnose and respond to failures.
Respond to customer support issues related to data related troubleshooting.
About You
Experience working directly with customers in a relationship management, product/technical support, solutions/sales engineer, or similar role.
Experience conducting basic data analysis using text editors, spreadsheets, or sql.
Strong verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to summarize complex data issues for non-data oriented audiences.
A passion for creating robust operational processes and documentation from barebones requirements and instructions.
Prior knowledge of school information systems, especially around aspects of extracting data.
Some knowledge of data vendor partners would be helpful, but not required.
$80,000 – $100,000 a year
Ellevation is transparent about its approach to pay which includes competitive base salary, annual performance-based raise, and bonus (or commission for sales positions). The salary range for this role is $80,000 to $100,000 and the budgeted target is the midpoint, commensurate with candidate experience and internal parity. Our philosophy is that the full range is indicative of growth during employment. In addition, we provide comprehensive benefits to all full-time employees.