Research Assistant

Job Type
The Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine Clinical Research Foundation was founded to promote and improve interdisciplinary clinical research about the evaluation and treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (with a specific interest in Endometriosis, Women’s Health and Sexual Wellness). In addition, the Foundation works to raise provider awareness of pelvic pain in order to help patients receive the treatment they need in a more streamlined fashion.

PRM has developed an IRB approved protocol, has partnered with the Feinstein Institute ROSE study, and has published papers in journals including Plos ONE, BJUI, Neurourology and Urodynamics and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

To learn more about PRM, please visit our website as well and the Feinstein Institute ROSE study.

JOB TITLE: Research Assistant


HOURS: Part Time – 10 hrs/week

SALARY: $25/hr

Job Responsibilities:

Researching and analyzing data regarding treatments for male and female pelvic pain.
Drafting papers that will be submitted for review in nationally acclaimed medical journals.
Research treatment for Endometriosis, Women’s Health, and Chronic Pelvic Pain
Analyze data to use in research papers for submission to journals
Regularly communicate with the Chief Medical Officer
Aid in journal submission process
Other duties as assigned
Required Qualifications:

Previous research experience and statistics knowledge
Experience with SPPS
Familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel