Remote Transcriber Application

NCC’s work ranges from health/medical, legal, and academic content to financial, public policy, government legislature, and investigations/hearings. We produce verbatim transcripts for our clients on fast turnarounds, so accuracy and typing speed are critical. Remote transcription work is a great opportunity to exercise your language, grammar, writing, and communication skills.
Transcribing for NCC is a flexible job: As long as you are maintaining the minimum required amount of audio minutes, you can decide when and where you work. A Computer running Windows 7, OS X, or higher, and high-speed internet connectivity are required. We will provide you free transcription software and give you tips on how to improve your speed and accuracy.

NCC’s minimum hours requirement is 3 hours of audio (180 minutes) per week. Based on our internal measurements, 3 hours of audio takes approximately 12 hours to transcribe. This is just an average, and may be more or less based on experience and your individual skills. The initial standard rate is $40.00 per audio hour after a brief training period with the possibility of increased pay for same day/daytime availability based upon consistency, reliability, and quality.

Qualifications, preferred but not necessary:

Degree(s) in English, creative writing, public policy, health/medical research, or the social sciences

Transcription and/or captioning experience

Experience with AP, MLA, and/or Chicago Style guidelines

Demonstrated ability to work independently and meet strict deadlines

Clear and professional written and verbal communication skills

Intermediate computer proficiency/ability to independently troubleshoot program installations and maintenance

We do also occasionally accept translation work. Foreign language proficiency a plus!