Production QC Associate

This is a remote position only available to US residents of:
Florida, Ohio, and Texas

We are primarily looking to staff Mon-Fri 8am-6pm EST/8am-5pm CDT
This role is not eligible for anyone currently employed full time elsewhere

What is Drips?
Drips is an AI driven conversational SMS marketing platform. Operating completely remote, Drips helps clients increase lead conversions by communicating with their customers in the same way that people communicate with each other. Using conversational SMS, calls, email, and direct mail campaigns, Drips automates conversation in a way that works, and works well.

Job Overview: 
This is a remote, part-time, entry-level position.

We are looking for a Part Time Production QC Associate to help ensure the deliverability of our product. Production QC Associates primarily test our content by sending SMS messages across various providers and carriers and log the results, while making changes as necessary. You will be provided a laptop and set of phones to use for testing. If you are computer savvy person with a keen eye for detail, who’s self-motivated and a quick learner, we are interested in hearing from you!

Compensation: $10/hour

Hours: Part time, 12-28 hours/week. Flexible Monday-Friday hours to fit your schedule

Specific Duties, Activities, and Responsibilities:

Test for the successful delivery of SMS messaging through extensive review of campaign content results across multiple cellular carriers.
Adjust, retest, and document changes made to SMS campaigns.
Map specific pre-determined responses to frequent messages

Computer capability – Microsoft Office (Word/Outlook/Excel)
College level English language grammatical skills.
Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and exceptional verbal/ written skills
Problem-Solving, ability to interpret data, draw conclusions, and spot trends.
Work Ethic – Self-motivated and able to work independently or with a team
We are looking for someone to test, edit, and ensure the deliverability of our client’s messages. We want someone who can bring their accuracy and technical know-how to this role and make a positive impact on our revenue.