Physician Coding Auditor

  • Edits/Denials/Coding – Assists with edits, denials and appeals. Also assists with coding and working holds on an as needed basis
  • Training – Assists with training new and existing staff. Develops all training materials and coding aids for both formal training and use by coders in daily work. Identifies coders to be cross-trained and suggests areas for training improvement. Assists in the implementation and administration of effective systems, processes, and procedures
  • Coordinating – Coordinates the presentation of ongoing professional seminars and materials via audio-conferences, webinars, and other publications. Maintains education records on all staff to include attendance records for all coding related educational activities
  • Resource – Serves as a technical resource for all involved personnel; ensures that information is accurate and current, meeting professional coding standards. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned
  • Reporting – Provides reports of audit findings to coding management, individual coders and leadership as needed/requested along with providers that are contracted/employed and outlined in the client SOW (Included Provider verbiage). Assists with the creation of various documents and reports as requested. Immediately provides reports related to compliance risks when requested

Experience We Love:

  • 5+ years of coding experience.
  • 3+ years of auditing experience.
  • Proficiency in multiple EMR’s, encoders, and the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Educated in HIPAA regulations; must maintain strict confidentiality of patient and client information.
  • Consistently achieves quality and productivity standards.
  • Ability to organize and complete work in a timely manner.
  • Ability to read, write and effectively communicate in English.
  • Ability to understand medical/surgical terminology.
  • Above average written and verbal communication skills.
  • Position may require up to 20% travel to client sites.