Payroll Specialist

Will handle payroll and vendor payments. 
?    Weekly  – record credit card payments and ensure we have receipts for anything that is older than 7 days – this varies month to month on how much there is to process between 5-8 hours per week
?    Bi-weekly – process payroll – include salary and hourly
•    Approximately 45 people – split by 20 hourly, 25 salary
•    For salary just make sure Autopay is checked pre-processing and import in PTO
•    For hourly, review time cards and PTO, process time cards and PTO, enter manual data for specific elements
•    After all entry and import, regular payroll items – run reports, review, submit, run reports (canned from Paylocity), review final check register for employees
•    This process roughly takes about 16 – 20
hours each payroll
?    Monthly – process payroll – all commission only and bonuses
•    Approximately 19 people on payroll
•    Run processes to create manual time sheets for designers, review output
•    Once the designers and the manager have signed off on the time sheet
•    Review each sheet for formula errors, conflicting information, unanswered designer questions referred back to me
•    Once they are reviewed, each sheet needs saved in our files
•    This process requires a great deal of attention
•    After the sheets are processed it follows the same duties starting with reports in bullet point 4 of the bi-weekly process
•    This process roughly take about 16 – 20 hours per month
?    Other duties as needed:
•    Set up of new employees for payroll (HR handles initial onboarding) including ensuring tax entities are correct based on location, adding deductions once a new employee selects and/or qualifies for the benefits
•    Answer employee questions and work with HR to ensure setup is correct

Desired qualifications:
o    Attention to detail, flexibility, ability to work mostly unsupervised, ability to know when to ask questions instead of just plowing forward, prior experience with payroll – experience with Paylocity is required.
o    The person needs to be personable, have an open mind, motivated by performance, and want to belong to a team

Vaco values a diverse workplace and strongly encourages women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, members of ethnic minorities, foreign-born residents, and veterans to apply.