(Part-Time) Computer Science Instructor

Job Description
Note: Please apply to only one role at Juni. We would be happy to speak with you about additional roles during the interview process. Applying to multiple roles will significantly increase the time required to process your application.

Do you love working with kids and inspiring the next generation of engineers, designers, and builders? Instructors at Juni Learning work directly with students ages 8-18 by teaching weekly online coding and data science classes. All classes are taught remotely, using the curriculum and digital tools developed by Juni.

We are currently seeking experienced and dedicated Instructors to join our team with a desire to help kids build resilience and grit alongside their coding skills.

This is a fully remote, part-time, non-exempt position with a starting rate of $20 per hour.

For specialized classes like USACO prep classes, pay starts at $25 per hour.

Instructors are expected to teach a minimum of 10 hours and a maximum of 29 hours per week. The specific schedule will be determined based on the student’s requested schedule and Instructor’s availability, which may include evening and weekends. We are looking for committed Instructors who can ensure a stable and consistent learning environment for our students dedicated to completing each student’s courses.


Conduct Regularly Scheduled Online Teaching Sessions: Deliver weekly private 1:1 lessons through the curriculum and teaching tools developed by Juni Learning. Each course is 50 minutes long and taught online. Class schedules are set at recurring times each week. Part-time Instructors are typically scheduled to teach between 10-29 hours per week, with recurring weekly sessions with each of their students for the entire duration of the student’s course (typically 5-6 months).

Student Progress: Maintain accurate records of student progress and summarize achievement by completing standardized session notes after each lesson. Offer constructive feedback to help students improve.

Virtual Classroom Management: Foster an interactive and respectful learning environment. Encourage active participation and student engagement.

Timesheet Submission: Accurately document your work hours by reviewing and submitting timesheets on time according to the established payroll schedule. Adhere to the organization’s timesheet submission procedures.

Communication: Maintain clear and effective communication with students, parents, and the Juni Learning support team.

Treat all students, parents, and team members with respect. Foster a safe community. Act in accordance with a high standard of ethics, and maintain family and student confidentiality and privacy.

Take the initiative to solve or anticipate problems early or escalate problems to the appropriate Juni Learning HQ team.

Flexibility to changing needs, and ability to collaborate with co-workers for any issues that may arise.

Serve as an ambassador for Juni Learning and maintain high-quality teaching and professionalism.

Promote our values and mission, and serve as a role model for kids of all backgrounds and ages.


College-level coursework in computer science (at minimum completion of two CS courses with a minor/major in CS (or equivalent). Instructors will be assigned different students and courses to teach based on their experience.

Previous experience in tutoring, teaching, or mentoring students is highly desirable.

Demonstrates patience, empathy, and a positive attitude towards students’ learning challenges.

Comfortable using video conferencing tools and other digital teaching tools to conduct engaging and interactive lessons.

Passion for education and building interest in computer science in kids and teenagers (ages 8-18).

Time management: efficiently manage your class schedule and meet deadlines. Punctuality and commitment to the agreed-upon tutoring hours are crucial for student success.

Ability to work well with students of different ages.

Responsible and punctual, meeting scheduled class sessions consistently

Strong communication skills, especially with families (both children and adults).

Eligibility to Work in the US: All candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States. Verification of work eligibility will be conducted at time of hire.