Money & Trends Editor

Newsweek has reshaped and renewed itself multiple times in its 90-year history, but our values have never changed. Our stories provide insight into the world around us, fresh perspectives on the most important events of our times. We publish factual, fair and honest journalism; we separate opinion from reporting; we openly acknowledge mistakes and shortcomings. In this time of unprecedented disruption, I believe in our mission more strongly than ever.

But some things have changed—in both the political culture and the media. There’s less shared ground; more partisanship, polarization, suspicion. Those who dissent on either side are caricatured or canceled.

At Newsweek, because we seek engagement, not agreement, we cover stories from multiple points of view. We aim to challenge unexamined assumptions and the received wisdom—thoughtfully, factually and respectfully. For readers now, we believe this commitment makes Newsweek indispensable.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Editor, Money and Trends 

As Newsweek celebrates its 90-year anniversary, we’re looking for an editor who can shepherd coverage of the economy as well as consumer and social trends. This editor will lead an all-new team of rapid-fire reporters to help sharpen their pitches, find great story ideas and help make big-picture economic news relevant to ordinary people. 

The right candidate understands money and finance stories and can ensure that our coverage remains focused on fast, insightful pieces that explain topics to readers. Editors should be able to watch multiple sources for story ideas and come up with unique angles, working with reporters to hone their ideas and develop their skills. They will be able to successfully balance the need for rapid-fire coverage with on-cycle explainers that answer “how” and “why.” The 4-person reporting team will consist of two money-focused reporters and two reporters who stay abreast of data-driven stories using polls, rankings and studies to show the ways in which American society and trends are changing. The right candidate will know how to sharpen copy as well as skills of journalists at all levels. They should be capable of nurturing new talent and offering growth tips to experienced reporters.  

This is an exciting opportunity to join our growing team of reporters and editors producing news for a national audience of millions.   

You’ll be responsible for: 

  • Managing a team of 4-6 reporters, helping them stay productive, focused and growing. 
  • Using your sources and subject understanding to pitch a steady stream of unique angles to reporters or sharpening their pitches for maximum audience relevance. 
  • Balancing the need for fast turns with unique features. Speed is important, but we understand that unique quality takes time. Being able to balance the two and shift between modes is key to success in this role. 


  • Previous experience managing and coaching reporters in a fast-paced digital news environment. 
  • Multitasking reporting and writing speed. While we measure impact and readership more than activity, reporters are expected to deliver more than one story each day while chipping away at broader enterprise work. 
  • Top-tier headline writing ability and editing skills. A copy desk is there to backstop your work, but ensuring accuracy starts with you. Understanding SEO- and reader-focused headlines is key. 
  • Familiarity with real-time audience and analytics resources like Chartbeat,, Google Trends or Google Analytics.  
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in journalism, communications or a related field. 

Salary Range : $80,000-$100,000