This is a contract position with TCW in partnership with Slickdeals.  As a member of the Moderator Team, you will be responsible for ensuring content on the site abides by the governing rules, policies and guidelines.  This includes responding directly to reports from the community of potential violations as well as otherwise identifying content that is disallowed. Moderators are expected to work closely with other teams, such as the Deal Editors, Forum QA, Business Development, and Product teams, to address any discovered issues for which those teams are responsible.  Moderators also respond to questions and requests posed by members of the community both on the site and via other channels.  A successful member of the Moderator team will be someone that has exceptional communication skills, is adept in arbitrating disputes and de-escalating tense situations, and acts as an ambassador for  the site and its community.


  • Directly act upon and respond to reports from members of the community regarding potential violations of policies, rules, and guidelines governing the site and/or specific forums
  • Proactively monitor for violations of policies, rules, and guidelines governing the site and/or specific forums
  • Thoroughly document infractions made by users or merchants
  • Issue formal notifications, warnings, or bans to users of the site due to discovered infractions
  • Respond to protests of notifications, warnings, or bans issued to members of the community
  • Identify patterns associated with spamming and shilling
  • Arbitrate disputes between members of the community
  • Communicate with other teams any issues identified for which those teams are responsible
  • Maintain knowledge of current rules, policies, and guidelines
  • Assist with requests for account closures
  • Serve as an ambassador of the site and its community


  • Possess exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Has strong communication skills
  • Has considerable experience with arbitrating disagreements
  • Has a “thick skin”
  • Is adept at authoring detailed documentation


  • High school diploma or equivalent


  • Bachelor’s degree or greater
  • Proficiency with Google Docs and Sheets
  • Knowledge of internet based terms and technologies such as IP, VPN, etc
  • Thorough understanding of the Slickdeals community and its culture
  • Experience with moderating forum-based communities

SCHEDULE:  Wednesday -Sunday 1pm-9pm PST Off: Mon & Tue

LOCATION: REMOTE from the United States

Work Authorization

Candidates must be eligible to work in the United States.