Grading Assistant

Qualifications for the Grading Assistant:

  • This position is fully online/remote.
  • Minimum completed Bachelor’s degree from accredited institution on date of submitted application.
  • Must have sufficient courses in Biomedical Engineering as well as having received a grade of B or higher in these courses.

Responsibilities as Grading Assistant:

  • Assist with grading as needed by Instructor  
  • Observes students’ performance and address any concerns with the instructor
  • Keep in communication with your assigned instructor on a regular basis.
  • Stay updated and prepared for the classroom agenda and material.
  • May help with course material prep, grading and lecturing. 
  • Assists instruction with in-class activities, including proctoring examinations.
  • Observes students’ performance, and records relevant data to aid instructor in assessing progress
  • Assists with grading assignments
  • Provide a positive example to students by supporting the University’s Doctrinal Statement, Ethical Position Statement and Mission of Grand Canyon University.