GIS and Data Analytics Specialist

●     Develop and maintain content management solutions for data analytics supporting the website, ensuring the effective utilization of GIS tools and data visualization analytics.

●     UtilizeArcGIS, and open-source tools such as GDAL for data analytics, enhancing the depth and accuracy of analytical processes.

●     Implement cloud environments, specifically Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Earth Engine, for data processing and visualization, optimizing efficiency and scalability.

●     Expand the mapping content and analysis capabilities of climate monitoring web applications

●     Produce ArgGIS StoryMaps that depict past weather and climate events and that place them in historical perspective for consumption by the media and the general public.

●     Expand the suite of available file formats for datasets and products (e.g., provide raster information as CSVs, ArcGIS grids, and GeoTIFFs) Install/Upgrade/Configure ArcGIS Server on Linux

Required Skills:

●     Proficiency in ArcGIS Enterprise/Server, ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro,

●     Experience in utilizing GIS tools for spatial analysis and visualization.

●     Familiarity with open-source tools like GDAL for robust data analytics.

●     Experience in cloud environments, with a focus on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Earth Engine.

●     Linux command line experience

●     Experience with Geoportal/Harvester

●     Experience with Python and JavaScript

●     Experience with HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT