We want your voice talent!

We’re always on the hunt for fresh, new voice performers, and our casting staff listens to every single demo that we receive. Together with our clients, we want you to be able to do one thing and do it very well, and that’s to be a voice actor.

It’s not so much the sound of one’s voice we’re looking for, but the delivery. It should be normal, real and sound like a believable person. In addition to being a voice actor, there are a few nuts and bolts you’ll need too. You must have your own home studio, a good microphone, Source Connect Standard or Pro, or live within reasonable driving distance of Virginia Beach.

If you feel like you aren’t ready for prime time yet, and would like to learn more about improving or becoming a voice-over talent, please see our Voice-Over Resources page for helpful tips.

In order to be considered for placement on the Earworks talent roster, you must:

Have your own Source Connect equipped home studio setup, OR live within reasonable driving distance of Virginia Beach, Virginia with reliable transportation. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IF YOU HAVE SOURCE CONNECT, YOU DON’T. Please come back and try again when you do.
Have a considerable amount of professional experience behind a microphone and in front of clients*.
Have an up-to-date demo available to upload in MP3 format (You will attach your demo at the bottom of the form. Applications submitted without a demo will not be accepted).
Be able to sight-read scripts with a basic understanding of the type of read required.
Be a voice actor!!
Be able to record and email professional quality mp3 auditions from your home studio with very quick turnaround.
Be available for sessions the greater part of the 9-5:30 EST / Monday thru Friday workweek.
Be able to return calls, emails, and/or text messages very promptly (within the hour).
Have a professional attitude, strong work ethic and a pleasant demeanor.
*Of course, there will be the occasional exception to #2. If you have little or no voice-over experience, but have acting experience and a fantastic demo, Earworks may still consider you. However, all other requirements MUST be met.