Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Working hands-on with digital marketing platforms across Social and Search Marketing (e.g. Linkedin ad manager and Google ad manager)
  • Testing campaigns, analyzing key metrics, and identifying opportunities to increase campaign performance.
  • Developing and presenting learnings from your analyses, including actionable insights and recommendations.
  • Developing digital campaign and web measurement strategies.
  • Creating and managing dashboards, data visualizations, and campaign and website performance reports.
  • Monitoring and analyzing digital media and marketing trends.
  • Communicating and presenting to colleagues, senior managers, and clients.
  • Stay up-to-date on digital marketing trends, technologies, and approaches


  • Ability to test different audiences, placements, solutions, and creative, including structured A/B tests. Familiar with UTM parameters that allow for accurate tracking and measurement
  • Familiarity with Product Analytics Platforms (e.g. Mixpanel)
  • Familiarity with data management platforms (CDP’s, DMPs, etc)
  • Experience with ABM (Account Based Marketing) for B2B strategies, execution, analysis and measurement. Platforms such as Terminus, 6sense, Demandbase, Leadspace & Triblio.