Data Scientist

  • Develop and support financial loan pricing and conversion optimization models
  • Build forecasting models on both product demand and internal operations backlog
  • Optimize product conversion by running A/B tests and other experimentation methods on our pricing, marketing and product models
  • Research and prototype models and present in model review sessions
  • Work with data and infrastructure engineers to deploy your model or develop required data pipelines to automate training and monitoring with BI tools
  • Prepare technical design and git/confluence documentation
  • Work with general managers, marketing and operation teams to identify and address their data modeling needs for better forecasting and planning
  • Work with product teams to prototype and test LLMs to improve engagement across the customer lifecycle

About You:

  • 2+ years in R/Python and SQL
  • 2+ years professional experience in model development and/or data analytics (or Master’s degree in Data Science, Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Economics or a related quantitative field with 1+ years of professional experience in model development and analytics)
  • Expertise in statistical inference
  • Experience in product analytics and experimental design
  • Deep understanding of classification, regression and forecasting models and AB testing
  • Experience working in a cross-functional environment with teamwork and excellent communication skills
  • Experience in working with scalable ML pipelines and LLMs