Data Entry Operator 2

Change Healthcare

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Data Entry Operator II

What will I be responsible for in this job?

  • Enters data from a source document into a computer system.
  • Verifies entries for completeness.
  • May convert data from one electronic system to another.
  • Performs audits of own work or that of others to ensure conformance with established procedures.
  • May work with stand alone data systems or enterprise-wide tools supporting activities such as marketing lead tracking, fulfillment, manufacturing, and equipment maintenance or materials transactions.

What are the requirements?

  • 1+ years of experience in data entry
  • High School or equivalent

What critical skills are needed for you to consider someone for this position?

  • Ability to multitask, work independently and efficiently, also be able to clearly communicate with the team to ensure collaboration on projects.
  • Be able to follow directions and troubleshoot independently any items that may fall outside of the normal scope of the directions.
  • Effectively be able to communicate with management team on progress and any issues needed to be resolved either independently, as a team, or with assistance from management.

What other skills/experience would be helpful to have?

  • Experience with excel, IDK/Group Management, experience with navigating and utlilizing various websites independently.
  • Work from home or remote experience is a plus.

How much should I expect to travel?

  • None