Data Engineer

Level 4: Minimum 7 years experience + Bachelor Degree or equivalent (Associate degree +2 years experience; 6 years experience; or relevant professional certification); Successful completion of higher education which has not resulted in a degree may be counted as one year of experience.

· Experience in large and complex IT projects, preferably in the Human Capital space – 5+ years

· Experience with supporting Data Integration, Interoperability, and Data Migrations – 5+ years

· Experience using common data models and AI tools that support built-in data governance – 5+ years

· Experience applying data quality standards

· Proven ability to learn and adopt new technologies

· Experience designing and implementing the data architecture and other data-related activities.

· Experience leading data strategy to support creation and improvement of data architecture, data usage, and data governance

· Holds relevant certifications in supported toolsets or demonstrates proficiency in the platform with equivalent experience