Chatroom Operator

bout Drips: 

Drips enables enterprises to connect with consumers through an AI-powered conversational outreach strategy that includes human-like two-way texting, scheduled calling and voicemail messages. Backed by a proprietary natural language processing model, our platform has handled over half a billion humanized conversations to date, enabling us to deliver automation at a scale that no other competitor in the messaging industry has been able to match. That’s why we’re the platform of choice for some of the world’s most recognizable enterprises.    

Drips’ focus on empowering enterprises to capture intent and drive meaningful conversations has sparked rapid growth since the company was founded in 2016. Drips nearly tripled 2019 sales in 2021. We are well funded and looking to accelerate the next era of growth and expansion of our team.  

However, we’re more than just a high-growth company; we’re also a community. Even though we work remotely, we still embrace the core values that help us achieve personal growth. Every member of the Drips team has a direct impact on our company! If you want to love the product you work on, solve hard problems, and grow your career — we want to talk with you!   

Job Overview: 

We are looking to expand our work from home Conversion Improvement team. Every day Drips holds millions of automated humanized conversations for our clients, but automation isn’t enough, and Artificial Intelligence (“A.I.”) isn’t perfect. We hold the highest industry standard of excellence in staying “humanized” and if our natural language processor is not 98% sure what a user is asking, we will rely on you and your teammates to read a consumer’s response, respond contextually, and categorize it appropriately. 


A user says, “Cant now, workin”. This would be categorized and handled by clicking the “I’m at work.” button.    You must be able to maintain a 95%+ accuracy in your responses that will be randomly audited and quality assured. Your work and responses will help inform our natural language model therefor your accuracy is of the utmost importance. 


$10 hour depending on shift (see below), part time (up to 28hours/week)    

This is a work from home opportunity, you will need to be able to attend a virtual training session with audio and video.  

We are looking for multiple shifts to fill this role and are willing to work around schedules. Must be able to work 6 straight hours/day, 4-5 days/week (Monday-Sunday).     

Schedules available: 
8am-2pm  11am-5pm  4pm-10pm    

Specific Duties, Activities, and Responsibilities: 

  • Quickly and accurately (in less than 30 seconds) respond to inbound messages via our chat room to leads regarding questions or concerns around the product or service utilizing point and click frequently asked questions canned responses. 
  • Add relevancy to canned responses. Example: if someone says they are sick you might add in “Sorry to hear that. Should we try you in a week or two? Hope you feel better!”  
  • Maintain 95% or above accuracy in response handling 

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Exceptional attention to detail, high standard of excellence/perfection
  • Comfortability on a computer, proficient typing skills (can’t hunt and peck)   
  • Proficient in emojis (this isn’t a joke, our users use emojis
  • Good grammatical, spelling, and logic skills.
  • Exceptional verbal, communication, and written skills.
  • Reliable and responsible to a designated schedule (unreliability will not be tolerated)   
  • Must have reliable internet/WIFI, and a computer with up-to-date software.


  • High School or equivalent.

Core Values:

Drips core values are central to how each employee executes in their role daily and exceeds. Below are how we exceed in each core value

Lean – We find the right mix between administration and simply doing things. Over complicating tasks can add time without providing benefit, however just doing things without a plan can add time when course correction is required. To exceed, we finish work in a timely manner while reviewing to make sure we are striking the right balance between the two. Implementing streamlining methods to existing processes ensure we evolve and stay lean.

Passion – Expressing passion daily is the desire to do the job but evolving in the job to expand beyond the base role and taking on additional projects and roles to help teams outside your own while maintaining your individual workload. Understanding that all of the activities we take are to enable our clients, and thus Drips as a whole to be successful. Asking the question, “How is what I am doing today, enabling the success of my teammates and my clients”.

Happiness – Finding the balance in both your personal and work life. Participating in group and team activities as you see fit but understanding that life is about more than just coming into the office daily. Drips has telecommute possibility available, overall wellness programs and additional benefits that assist. True enthusiasm for what we do is essential but comes from understanding the business overall and how we fit into it.

Improve – Never accepting the status quo and being entrenched in a process or workflow. Finding ways to streamline and innovate while bringing those improvements to leadership. Improvement also means understanding the anticipated benefit and it improves our daily working experience, your teammates and Drips Clients overall.

Team – We support and assist our teammates, even if it is outside of our typical duties. We take on additional projects for their added value whether they impact your day-to-day work or not. Being part of a team involves being in close contact every day, respecting each other and the work we do is essential however to exceed in Team, we move outside of our direct team, to the company team as a whole and understand how we impact everything and the value we provide.