Become an Expert

When You Want…
With incoming volume 24/7 and no set schedules, Experts can choose to work at whatever time works best for them.

Where You Want…
Our web-based platform means that our Experts can work anywhere that has a reliable internet connection.

As Much As You Want…
Whether an Expert is looking to earn a few extra bucks each week or earn a few hundred extra bucks each week, they’re empowered to work and earn as much as they’d like.

SimplrFlex connects Experts, like you, with businesses who need assistance with their customer service. When one of their customers asks a question, you answer it on their behalf and get paid for every resolution…all from the comfort of your home.

Our platform even helps you find the right answer by providing Experts with AI-generated suggestions and access to a company’s internal tools. With these resources, you can skip the weeks of training a typical customer service representative would require to become productive. It also allows you to choose when, where, and how much you’d like to work since you’re always provided with the most recent and relevant information.