The Auditor is responsible for assisting with the completion of rated and non-rated reviews. The Auditor may also assist with the documentation of findings identified during the course of a review. The Auditor will also be responsible for assisting with the completion of walkthroughs and assisting the review lead in the identification of the risk and controls associated with the various business functions. The Auditor will also be responsible for assisting with ad-hoc projects and ongoing risk intelligence activities.


  • Demonstrate emerging audit skills with an understanding of audit concepts within planning and fieldwork.
  • Utilize basic business and audit writing skills; cohesively presents and organizes information; effectively articulates key points; emerging ability to adapt message to audience within the scope of assignments.
  • Prioritize and execute multiple assignments; identifies obstacles within the scope of assignments; proactively communicates delays in assigned deliverables or additional capacity availability.
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity when completing assigned work.
  • Deliver presentations on various topics to varying audience sizes.
  • Performs other duties as assigned; duties, responsibilities and/or activities may change or new ones may be assigned at any time with or without notice
  • Complies with all KeyBank policies and procedures, including without limitation, acting professionally at all times, conducting business ethically, avoiding conflicts of interest, and acting in the best interests of Key’s clients and Key.

Experience Qualifications

  • less than 1 year of audit or related experience (preferred)

Tactical Skills

  • Basic knowledge of internal audit.
  • Basic product skills and understanding of business, industry, and regulatory concepts.
  • Basic oral and written communications skills.
  • Basic analytic skills.
  • Contribute to an organizational culture of respect and personal accountability regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.

Personal Skills

  • Adaptability: Understands that change is inevitable and seeks value in new ways of doing things while coping with day-to-day frustrations, adversities and uncertainties related to change
  • Collaboration: Demonstrates a basic understanding of collaborative processes and provides examples of how collaboration has or can help the organizational reach its goals

Practical Skills

  • Change Navigation: Demonstrates the ability to modify work as directed and applies the concept of continuous improvement to develop new skills during change initiatives
  • Oral & Written Communication: Demonstrates the ability to speak, write, and present in a way that effectively conveys the intended message to an audience

Core Competencies

  • All KeyBank employees are expected to demonstrate Key’s Values and sustain proficiency in identified Leadership Competencies.

Physical Demands

  • General Office – Prolonged sitting, ability to communicate face to face in person or on the phone with teammates and clients, frequent use of PC/laptop, occasional lifting/pushing/pulling of backpacks, computer bags up to 10 lbs.


Key has implemented a role-based Mobile by Design approach to our employee workspaces, dedicating space to those whose roles require specific workspaces, while providing flexible options for roles which are less dependent on assigned workspaces and can be performed effectively in a mobile environment. 

This position is eligible to earn a base salary in the range of $60,000 to $69,000 annually depending on job-related factors such as level of experience.