Analytics Engineer

  • Collaborate with Data Engineering to identify and source essential data for fulfilling your deliverables. 
  • Promote data-driven culture and awareness throughout the organization. 
  • Drive and maintain a robust data dictionary for curated datasets with the team. 
  • Create data pipelines that generate well-curated datasets. 
  • Design and oversee the ETL workflow processes, transitioning base-layer data into curated datasets. 
  • Transform lake house data into consumable datasets within Athena and Redshift platforms. 
  • Write reusable code and modules for executing data transformation logic. 
  • Design data delivery systems for high-volume, near real-time reporting. 

We’re looking for someone who has: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Applied Math, Economics, Statistics or a related discipline is preferred but not required. 
  • Strong SQL, data analysis, and business analysis skills.  
  • Proficiency in PySpark and Python programming. 
  • Proficiency in AWS architecture, including S3, networking, and database solutions.