AI Chatbot Language Specialist (United States)

Experienced LLM Specialist with Expertise in Writing and Communications

Are you a seasoned expert in working with Large Language Models (LLMs), boasting a robust background in writing and communications? Do you have an unwavering dedication to precision in writing and a strong commitment to ensuring chatbot accuracy? If you thrive in a flexible work environment and possess exceptional attention to detail, we want to hear from you.

Project Overview:
In this project task, you’ll take on the role of an annotator, engaging with a conversation between users and a chatbot. Your role will involve evaluating the initial conversation and interacting with the bot to provide insightful feedback on its responses. This task demands a deep understanding of the expected bot interactions to maintain the desired level of accuracy. This position offers you the opportunity to work remotely, leveraging your expertise on a schedule that suits you.
Native fluency in US English.
College education or extensive professional experience (15+ years).
Proficiency in advanced writing skills, editing, and a solid understanding of typical use cases for AI chatbots, including their capabilities. While coding knowledge is advantageous, it’s not a prerequisite.
Ability to discern the limitations and possibilities of chatbot capabilities, assess responses for safety and bias, and provide accurate ratings.
Demonstrated aptitude for generating well-structured, articulate responses.
Availability for approximately ~20 hours per week.
Key responsibilities
Refining LLM Models: Leverage your mastery of writing and language comprehension to fine-tune existing Large Language Models, optimizing their performance across a range of generalist tasks.
Model Training and Assessment: Conduct thorough testing and evaluation of LLMs, pinpointing areas for enhancement and implementing effective solutions to elevate their performance.
Upholding Quality Standards: Exhibit an unwavering commitment to meticulous attention to detail and accuracy, ensuring that the outputs of LLMs consistently meet the highest quality benchmarks and align with general guidelines.
$19 – $19 an hour
This project is offering a workload of over 20 hours per week for a limited time, with compensation set at USD$19 per hour. *Subject to change based on throughput and productivity rates …
If this description resonates with you, we invite you to express your interest today and embark on this exciting journey with us!

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