Ads Measurement Analyst II


  • In this dynamic role, you’ll be at the forefront of enhancing advertising effectiveness for client’s diverse Advertising Partners. You will conduct thorough research studies, employing a mix of internal and external tools, to gauge ad performance and inform strategic marketing decision-making.
  • Your insights will not only guide individual client strategies but also contribute to client’s broader ad product development, leveraging your unique findings to optimize advertising outcomes across the platform.
  • Execute comprehensive research studies to assess advertising effectiveness, utilizing both client’s internal metrics and external measurement tools.
  • Develop insightful analyses to evaluate the impact of varied marketing strategies on client’s platform.
  • Translate complex data findings into actionable insights for a non-technical audience, effectively influencing client measurement approaches.
  • Collaborate closely with Measurement Leads and Partner Managers to provide data-driven recommendations for optimizing future ad campaigns.


  • Influence the internal roadmap for client’s measurement and ad products through strategic research and learnings.
  • Proven experience in digital ads measurement and proficiency in SQL.
  • Expertise in Brand Lift and Direct Response ads measurement methodologies.
  • Strong analytical ability, with a talent for transforming complex datasets into clear, actionable insights.